Located by the sea on the east coast of Madagascar, Hotel Le Lagon welcome you. Visit Foulpointe and its region. Enjoy Walking and swimming under the sun in a heavenly area, in the middle of a beautiful landscape. The Hotel offers rooms in individual bungalows, located just steps from the lagoon. Serenity and escape are guaranteed, you wont forget this place !

I have stayed at the Hotel Le Lagon for 2 nights. What a peaceful place with its stunning gardens, lakes and own beach. Hotel has a family atmosphere
Arriving at the hotel, one is immediately charmed by the lovely, large but very private garden with its trees and shrubs, its pond crossed by wooden bridges, and its palm-roofed bungalows. It is colourful, peaceful, a place where one feels good, both a centre of life and of rest. At the top of the garden, there is a terrace with restaurant. At the bottom, one accedes a public but secluded sand beach.